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Social Innovation in the Netherlands

Co-shaping future-proof organisations and places

Create the conditions to become future-proof ...


Reality driven

Be able to handle surprises. By improving capacities we can better deal with complexity and uncertainty. This is how we help our clients to be fit-for-action.

Value driven

Discover what keeps people together. By living shared values we shape identity. This is how we help our clients thrive.


Future driven

Connect people and ideas to surprise others. By discovering possible futures we stimulate creativity. This is how we help our clients innovate.

Action driven

Create pathways to reach desired outcomes. By linking purpose to future we get things done. This is how we help our clients act.


Culture driven

Adapt to changes in the environment. By discovering patterns we transform behaviour. This is how we help our clients change.

We are Humap

We are international oriented specialists in shaping future-proof organisations and vibrant cities.