Transformation and change

The changing environment challenges our current ways of thinking and working but can create new possibilities. Only the organisations which can constantly renew and reinvent themselves can thrive in the future.

To make change truly happen, we need the enthusiasm and resources of everyone. Everyone can develop responsibility for and take owenership of building an organisational culture where experimenting is encouraged.

Results 100% effectively

Change happens one conversation at a time, that is, when people come together to collaborate face-to-face or online. We facilitate change in a way that simultaneously constructs the desired organizational culture and delivers results.


7 000 people

In Tampere, 7,000 of the city’s employees took part in the city’s strategy process.

Strategy process

From the standpoint of effectiveness, what is done is not as important as how it is done. Participation in the strategy process supports commitment to change and helps in understanding the entirety. It is also important for individuals to understand their own roles as part of the entirety.

The inclusive, modern strategy process has replaced processes that previously caused many strategies with good content to stumble.

With our help:

  • Strategy comes to life
  • Everyone’s know-how is available for collective use
  • Work becomes a continuous collective learning process
  • We constantly consider the environment and identify new information and phenomena
  • Strategy becomes part of every employee’s everyday life

Support for the co-determination process

Co-determination processes significantly affect employees’ commitment and occupational wellness. Alongside changes, it is important to arrange forums where the changes are genuinely addressed and their effects are processed both acutely and proactively. Support can be training, facilitation or coaching.

During the co-determination process, support is needed by those under threat of termination, those who have lost their jobs and personnel who will remain in the organisation.

We provide help with:

  • Support for those under threat of termination and those who have lost their jobs
  • Living with the co-determination process
  • Managers’ handling of exit interviews
  • New employment for terminated employees
  • Building a new organisation

Successful organisational change


Organisation culture is the key to success. A successful organisational change affects organisation culture. Some of the most important elements in change are getting everyone involved in implementation, making use of turning points and turning difficult situations into opportunities.

We provide help with:

  • taking a pause
  • improving effectiveness of collective consideration and generation of ideas
  • coping with insecurity caused by change and challenging situations
  • finding new collaboration possibilities

Support for systems changes


Information systems projects are now among organisations’ largest change processes, which affect almost everyone’s everyday life. An organisation’s culture is created primarily in how projects are implemented. Studies show that systems projects too often fail.

Our support for systems changes focuses on:

  • Bringing out the benefits and possibilities of the new system
  • Clarifying the collective goal
  • Identifying the systems change process and humane change process as separate issues, which both require support
  • Broad participation in the organisation, beginning in the planning phase

Change facilitation


In a world that is becoming more and more complicated, it is important to improve an organisation’s agility when living in the midst of change! The entire organisation must be asked to take part in creating change.

This is how we can help:

  • The organisation becomes more capable of change
  • Collective abilities to live with change are strengthened
  • Collective story of change is clarified
  • The story created together motivates and helps  everyone commit to collective development

Trainers' coaching


The basis of an organisation’s productivity is its people. Coaching and training are skills – work, the fruits of which are seen every day as benefits for customers.

Learning is a central factor in organisations’ competitiveness. Whoever learns fastest in a changing world succeeds best. At the core of a trainer’s skills are identifying and enabling good learning, taking note of different students’ learning styles in their own coaching approach as well as the ability to build an effective learning process.

Our coaching helps change the traditional trainer’s role to follow the socio-constructive learning concept. In addition to content, important factors are:

  • Creating a learning environment
  • Activating students with diverse work methods
  • Trying out what has been learned and applying it to participants’ own work

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