Productive collaboration

Digitalization and the changing needs of customers and consumers require better collaboration. Productivity and effectiveness are not increased by working more or faster.

Transformation and productivity

Productivity is created from within the networked and agile thinking and collaboration processes. Digital collaboration platforms increase transparency, trust and presence in conversations. That enables transformation and prodictivity.



We believe that the quality of collaboration is the biggest competitive advantage an organisation can have. Organisational cultures are created through experimenting in networks with partners and customers. 1+1>2

Blended work and its management

In a blended organisation it is important to create the prerequisites for flexible and transparent collaboration. These enable creating good collaborative relationships, building trust, and an experience of being present and participating. The quality of collaboration affects not only productivity but also wellness and a sense that the work is important.

Three things are central to a blended work community: trust, transparency and being present

This is how we can help:

  • First we create an understanding of direction and goals. These must be clear to all, so everyone can make choices and decisions related to their own work within the set framework
  • We begin building operating methods from work processes
  • We help select suitable work environments for collaboration done simultaneously and at different times

Meetings in person and online


An organisation works exactly as well as its discussions and collaboration do. What is central in meetings is to get everyone’s thoughts and expertise into collective use. In developing meetings we concentrate on embracing inclusive and facilitative methods. A successful meeting combines the right content with inclusive work methods.

Central to our development of meeting culture are:

  • Review of what is successful and functional
  • Paying attention to continuous learning and development
  • Looking for smarter ways to work
  • Strengthening work methods that support success

Modern work and facility solutions


Working in different facilities requires a new way of thinking. When people move from their own offices to multi-function solutions, “me” becomes “we.” In building operating culture it is important to combine virtual, social and mental work spaces with physical facilities.

Your operating culture develops when:

  • We examine together the effects of different facilities on people and operations
  • We look together for new solutions about how facilities can be used to achieve goals
  • We examine how different work habits help the work community succeed

Team and work community consulting

Self direction, taking responsibility and learning are important skills in teams and work communities. Every member of the work community is responsible for collective success. Today, leadership belongs to everyone.

Through team and work community coaching your organisation develops:

  • Self direction: How can we organise in the best possible way in a continuously changing environment?
  • Leadership and responsibility: Everyone on board in taking responsibility for important issues
  • Team identity: Clarification of the group’s significance and most important tasks and goals
  • Continuous renewal: Operating efficiently in constantly changing groups with members from multiple fields
  • Interaction and collaboration skills: Investment in confidential, collaborative relationships in different groups

Virtual coaching individual/team

Virtual coaching is not a pre-fabricated concept, but rather genuine process guidance for a group or individual. The goal of virtual coaching is to create a genuine learning process for individuals and groups.

In a blended organisation, we must be able to discuss feelings. Feedback and even difficult issues can be discussed in a probing way. In these cases the coach must have steadfast experience in creating trust, a feeling of being present and transparent thinking in a virtual environment.

Central to our virtual coaching are:

  • Enabling understanding
  • Reaching the same emotional level
  • Being present
  • Trust

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