Collaborative leadership

People feel more engaged when they feel appreciated and listened to. Good leadership improves people’s well-being and performance at work.

We develop collaborative and dialogic leadership. We help leaders solve and work with the complex challenges organisations face today.

New insights and ways of working

Collaborative leadership can be created through exploring new theories as well as personal experiences and feelings. The work methods and metrics we use will generate new insights and ways of working.


97% of staff took part in the organisational development process

In Elisa’s value process, 97 % of the entire organisation’s staff took part in the collective development work using our tools. Read more about customer references.


Management group work

The management group is in a key position in building organisation culture. The management group is the organisation’s model group.

Our coaching provides the management group with:

  • Ability to function and lead the organisation in changes
  • More efficient ways to use collective time through digitalisation
  • Tools to renew meeting practices
  • Clarity for the most important strategic choices

Management consulting

Everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised. Digitalisation changes the entire management paradigm. In the past, management, R&D, production, sales and human resources had viewpoints about development that were concerned with separate groups. Groups became competitors.

A collaborative culture is built when discussions are held that combine these viewpoints. A prerequisite is seamless collaboration between business operations management, HR and IT to create new visions. Realising an inclusive, listening and respectful culture requires operations that cross borders.

Coaching and dialogical management work

Challenges of leadership and management require more and more guidance in interactions and relationships. Organisations’ operations do not take place in boxes or diagrams, but among groups and people.

We offer understanding and tools for:

  • Reviewing your own role
  • Developing influence methods
  • Everyday management situations
  • Smart everyday functioning


Individual and group coaching

Coaching is an effective method for learning and development. Coaching starts with the customer’s own questions, which enable getting to the core of concrete everyday situations immediately.

Our coaching work focuses on:

  • Understanding, listening, pausing and discussing in a way that respects the customer
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Richness of methods
  • Investment in collaborative relationships between people, and on strengthening them

We provide coaching for individuals and teams as well as managers and management groups.


Value processes

An organisation’s values can be seen every moment in practical choices. The value process can be used to clarify the desired direction for operations. Values create future success when they are taken seriously.

We provide help with:

  • Interaction-oriented building of the value process
  • Creating values anchored in everyday work
  • Making values come alive

Consultative approach and mentoring

Consultative approach means development of expertise in a consultative direction  – from teller to questioner, ponderer. This is achieved by developing the organisation consultant’s role, knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Mentoring is a smart answer for an organisation’s development and renewal. The goal is for mentors to use understanding gained through their experience to help the person being mentored think in a multifaceted way. When mentors are chosen with care, the process strengthens desired management in the organisation. At the same time, mentors themselves are energised in the company of youths and enthusiastic people.

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