Customer story

Paulig Group

To celebrate its 140 years in business, the Paulig Group begun an organisation-wide journey to embed the company’s mission. All employees were involved in the strategic development process that lasted about a year, and which was done in a fun and inspiring way.

What were left under the bottom line after the process were lots of culture and big things! I believe there is not a single employee who wouldn’t know our mission or doesn’t stand behind it. We created something new that felt important to everyone, explains Anita Laxén, the Vice President of Communications at Paulig Group.

The process of truly living our mission as well as the 140-anniversary party really brought everyone in the company closer to each other. Our shared culture became stronger and people learnt to know their colleagues beyond the organisational and national borders, highlights Piia Puska, the Internal Communications Manager.

Paulig Group has grown rapidly over the last years to become a large international enterprise in the food industry with many strong consumer brands. However, it is important that internally Paulig Group is a strong and united company that has a shared mission, culture and identity. We wanted to further strengthen this unity on this special year.

We believe that growth and performance can only be achieved when people have the will and joy to work together. That requires a strong organisational culture.

In spring 2015 Paulig Group started creating a participatory process where the management challenged all employees to get involved to work with the mission Exploring Great Taste. With the spirit of the mission everyone was invited to work in teams and create short videos representing the company mission and values. The entire process was built on using the REAL platform developed by Humap Software.

We wanted to get our entire staff to build our culture. This was a great way for us to unify our people in a relaxed and fun way, Puska tells.

We have a strong, shared mission and a common thread in our work. In the every day work, however, work is very often focused on one’s own business.

Paulig Group has a long history of working towards shared values and putting a lot of effort to develop its culture. Therefore, the CEO Jaana Tuominen had a clear objective for the organisational development process. The company has a great history but on the year of 140th anniversary attention should be paid to the future and the next 140 years.

The outcome of the process was great. We received all together 37 videos to the competition, where people demonstrated how they live our mission. This means over 200 people. 80% of our staff took part in the competition in some way, watching the videos, liking them, voting…We were really pleased with the outcome! Puska summarises.

The best mission videos were rewarded in March 2016 in the 140th anniversary party, which was held in seven different countries simultaneously. During the party the employees could also meet others in other countries through an online connection in the meeting corner. In addition, there was a speech by the CEO and the representative of the owners/shareholders produced in collaboration with Humap.

The work with our mission prior to the 140th anniversary party as well as the greetings from the owners and the management contributed to the success of this whole process. We are a family business so people were really interested in hearing the regards from the owners. It was an emotional message to all of us.

Paulig Group includes consumer brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The company employs around 1900 people in 13 different countries.