Customer story


In September 2015 CADMATIC bought a Dutch software company NCG after collaborating for over two decades. After the acquisition the goal was to integrate the operations of the two companies and build one global organisation.

From the beginning we wanted to build a culture of shared values between our offices. Creating values felt like a good starting point for developing a unified culture, the CEO Jukka Rantala clarifies.

CADMATIC is a global organisation with offices in nine countries, and from the beginning it was clear that building the shared values would involve the entire organisation. The different companies now coming together had different ways of working. By introducing a participatory process of developing the values the management of the organisation was able to be close to the thinking of the staff.

The process helped us to understand that things that might be clear to some are not that to everyone. People think and feel differently about these things. Everyone has their own daily challenges which became visible through the process, Rantala highlights.

The method of working was very important to us.  Instantly could get a grip on our current value base, and on the things we would like to improve.

The value process included interviews of CADMATIC’s management, joint workshops with the entire organisation, small group sessions, and peer coaching. The process was supported by Humap’s digital platform during the big, multi-site workshops as well as between the meetings.

Dialogue on the platform started surprisingly well. The tool played an important role in facilitating conversations and sharing ideas, when people took part in the global workshops locally. The fact that all those conversations became transparent, opened my eyes as well, Rantala explains.

According to Rantala, now that the new organisational values have been decided, the most crucial part of the process begins – that is living the values.

The value process was a kick start for the building of our culture. We managed to create a connection between all of our offices. Besides the big locations, Finland and the Netherlands, also other global teams were equally heard, Rantala says enthusiastically.

I am sure the good flow of doing things together will only improve through these kinds of processes. Our employees valued the fact that they were able to be part of the process from the beginning.

CADMATIC develops and supplies world-class 3D design software and information management solutions for the plant and marine industries. In September 2015 CADMATIC acquired the Dutch software company Numeriek Centrum Groningen BV (NCG). CADMATIC is part of Elomatic Group, a leading European engineering and consulting company.