Customer story


At Elisa, all personnel took part in renewing values in 2014-2015. The operating process was realised using the REAL thought environment over a period of three weeks and included more than 4,000 people. Thought work was done globally in three languages with interaction between a number of countries.

“It was impressive to see the management group’s active presence as a mirror for thought work in this process,” sums up Organisation Consultant Annika Ranta.

Management made note weekly of important phenomena and proposed solutions that came to light in the process. The work was supported by the entire global HR structure and by coached thought facilitators, who were trained in different parts of the organisation to support, encourage and foster discussion.

Elisa’s Human Resources Manager Merja Ranta-aho is satisfied with the results.

The value dialogue was the most extensive personnel project that we have realised to date, and we received valuable support from Humap for the entire process, from the planning phase to implementation, Ranta-aho says.

“The active participation of personnel was surprisingly good thanks to well-designed, diverse participation opportunities and activation methods. According to a personnel survey that was just completed, our personnel feel that operations adhering to our values are being realised very well, and they consider our values important from the viewpoint of recommending the workplace.