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Creating workplaces
of our dreams

We develop collaboration processes. We apply digital solutions. We renew operating culture. We improve your strategic performance ability.

Collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership competence can be created through exploring new theories, one’s own experiences and feelings. The work methods and metrics we us will generate new insights and ways of working.


Transformation and change

To make change truly happen, we need the enthusiasm and resources from everyone. Everyone can develop and take responsibility for building the greater whole in an organization where a culture of experimenting is facilitated.

Productive collaboration

Productivity is created in an organisation from network-like agile thought and collaboration processes. Productivity is not increased by running faster.


Engaged people

We do not want to talk about well-being separately, but we rather take a more holistic perspective: If you want to feel well at work, you need to feel well everywhere else.

We are Humap

We further change and develop profitable business operations. We develop collaboration processes and apply digital solutions. We renew the organisation's operating culture and strategic abilities.